My Goals

I try to create a new product once a week, it doesn’t always happen, but I try. I try to make sure that it doesn’t just smell good it feels good, and that it feeds the soul. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years, and during those times, the only thing that would help pull me back to reality was a warm smell. My goal is to create warm, up building, comforting, strengthening smells to those fighting some type of mental or emotional battle. My goal is for the person to release that tension of the battle out of their body and mind. Our products are created once a week, to help do this.

It could be so easy just to google and youtube the first recipe to create, but what benefit is that to you? I research and test each product thoroughly before posting it. My truth is what I want to sell people, not just the product. So if the product gives me brighter and smoother skin, that helps me feel more secure with me, I can honestly say that in my description to you.

My goal at 31, is to help people who once loved their body and skin to fall back in love all over again. My goal is for people to wake up each morning or go to bed every night with a smell that empowers, relaxes and inspires them. I hope that you all see the love going into this, and that it brings you the love and power, that it was created to bring.

Love you all,