Charcoal Bar Review - Forever 25

So everyday I use Bria's Beauty products to enhance my beauty :). For the last 3 weeks every night I wash my face with our all natural charcoal bar. The benefits and results have been unreal.

The first night I notices that after washing my face, when drying my face off, there was so much dirt in the rag. I was so happy to see that the dirt was literally being scrubbed off my face and I could see it. The next few days, throughout the day I would notice that I would have white heads laying on top of my face. The charcoal was literally pushing the white head to the surface of my skin. It was cool. The best part of it all was that it was not damaging and bruising my skin by trying to push them out or deeper into my skin.

A few days later I could visibly see the white and black heads standing up screaming pull me pull me now! I could run my finger on it and feel how thick they were. So after washing with the soap and using my brush, I would use my pore strips purchased from CVS (I got them from Walgreens but I am a true supporter of CVS lol). The results were bananas. I use them often to try to get rid of the white and blackheads but always seem to still have them, but this time, when I removed the strip it was literally filled with tons of thick and even thin white and blackheads.

Over a period of 2 weeks my skin has been smooth especially my nose and cheeks, no new blemishes or bruises. I make sure to use my shea butter or overnight face cream afterwards for a moisturizer. I receive compliments on how smooth my skin is and I finally look the age I feel...forever 25!

If you have purchased or used our pure charcoal bar or our Rose Charcoal Bar, please leave your review below.